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 Dance for the Trees

Dances, Dinners, Concerts, Cabarets, Parties, Picnics, 

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What do Trees have to do with Peace 

Introduction - To Event & Community Organizers

Here's How You Can Create a Local "Dance for the Trees" Event


  • To raise income for local community projects if desired
  • To raise awareness of the value to people, communities and business of actively supporting Nature.
  • To support Creation of Nature aligned to people's unique identity, skills & talents.
  • To raise people's awareness of the natural features of their area.
  • To provide practical ways for people's understanding & expression of their inner Nature.
  • To expand numbers of people active in nature enrichment programs. (attracts capacity) 
  • To grow more Trees, and enrich our natural & human environment.


Inspires creativity & Value adding, Attracts capacity to work for nature, Engages ALL community to Connect & Celebrate the main thing we must share - Our Nature. Celebrates enriches natural heritage, harmony, reconciliation, increase natural diversity, health, employment, expands participation in tree planting, enhances participants & countries global profile.

All cultures have their traditional songs and dances ..... they are part of what re-creates these cultures.

Any movement of the human body frees the energy flow through the body and helps it be a better conductor and transformer of energy ..... especially when the feet are beating the earth and the voice is singing. Watch indigenous, African or Aboriginal dancers - they are masters of rhythm and dance.

Suggested steps .....

  • Contact Event Conductor to check if any events are already happening in your area.
  • Introduce the idea to local people who may like to be involved, or can benefit eg Landcare, Lions, Rotary, youth groups, singing & dance schools and teachers, choirs, creative learning centres, health workers etc. Use the intro and support material to help you. Eg fax &, website
  • Decide what is important to you .... what are you really passionate about? Why do this ?
  • Meet, and Brainstorm ideas - imagine a picture (draw it) of your ideal event. List the things you need to create this. Ask who can provide (can it be free?), get commitments from people to do these tasks. Decide a budget, ticket prices if any etc and how to promote, and help local trees and people. Agree on the best time for the event. Register as an organizer & obtain the Event Kit
  • Meet regularly. Once details are firm, notify Conductor who can direct customers & support to you.
  • Commit to planning budgets, any advertising, local sponsorship, invitations, reserve venue, advise local radio & newspapers for publicity, etc, book bands, music - Meet regularly

Note - The above is provided as a guide only. Public events require insurance which needs to be covered by your local organizing group. Home insurance may cover private events. Ask your insurer.

Some tips .....

  • * Imagine what you want to create and start gathering a team of interested people to help you
  • * Try the 8 Actions Steps to a Dancing Planet, and Maximising Relationships as a guide. (website & kit when requested)
  • * Create a clear plan that is agreeable to the team, and go for it ..... Lets party !!!


Create  a " Dance for the Trees" in Your Community 

Join these National & Global Events & Create a Dancing Planet !!!

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